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While students at Duke might not have known about student porn stars, women in the industry say there are plenty of them around.

If not for privacy issues, simply “the attention at school can be overwhelming,” said porn star Tasha Reign, who’s a student at the University of California-Los Angeles. That’s part of the reason Scott preferred that her own school’s name not be published.

Like Scott, posing nude was something Reign always wanted to do. Neither Scott nor Reign are doing porn to cover tuition bills, as Knox is. Instead, attending school is just something they wanted to do on top of working in the adult entertainment industry.

Spencer Scott” and “Tasha Reign” are also not their real names. Neither is “Belle Knox,” for that matter. Each is a stage name, something frequently used by porn stars as an attempt to maintain privacy and some separation between their professional lives and their lives off-camera.

Despite her use of a stage handle, Scott made it clear she doesn’t have any hesitation about her career in porn.

“I’m sexual in expressing yourself I mean, who doesn’t like getting paid having sex with people you like?” Scott said with a laugh. “I’m laughing about it, but it’s true. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Spencer Scott is a 25-year-old cosmetology student who dreams of opening her own salon. In a few years, according to her current plan, she’ll also stop doing porn.

Scott moved to Los Angeles from Georgia in 2007, when she was 18. She had started doing modeling as a teenager, but after meeting a Playboy Playmate, Scott decided to give nude photography a try. She became Playmate of the Month in October 2007, and after appearing on the TV seriesThe Girls Next Door,” Scott began shooting solo masturbation and girl-on-girl porn.

Date: August 28, 2019

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